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Interracial Couple

Treatment Modalities


Child and Teen Counseling –   We offer individual counseling to children, teens, and young adults who might be struggling with depression, anxiety, peer pressure, self-esteem issues, self-injury, family conflict, or academic challenges, among other issues.  With a strengths-based focus, I assist the child and the family in finding more balance and restoring peace.

Play Therapy - Through Play Therapy, children learn about themselves and their surroundings, their capabilities, their limitations, they learn new skills, learn how to handle anger and frustration, heal, work through difficult times, and increase their self-esteem and ability to communicate. 

Family Counseling- For families who have a high level of conflict or discord, who may struggle with communication, or who are concerned about a family member struggling with mental illness, among other issues, I offer family counseling to include all members of the family working together toward a common goal.  Family counseling will focus on finding the strengths within the family and building upon those strengths through enhanced communication and shared values.

Individual Counseling - For individuals seeking support around issues such as self-esteem, stress management, relationship discord, depression, anxiety, loss of hope, trauma, and more, We offer counseling one-on-one that is goal-oriented, client driven, and highly supportive.

Parent Coaching  We offer parent coaching and workshops focused on helping parents feel empowered and encouraged, while also using discipline as a way to teach and inspire children.

Educational Services

AEPM- A 6-hour Alcohol Education Program for Minors satisfies the educational requirement associated with AEPM, MIC, PI, and DUI citations and court-ordered alcohol education for minors in the State of Texas. If a judge or attorney has asked you to complete an alcohol education class, the class is appropriate for you.